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In DC for a little while. First project drawing was well received, I think. Having fun at the print shop, trying to be in the moment, always becoming, never being.

Update: uttered what is probably the most succinct yet explicit sentence of my life today: “You should see a doctor about [chronic health issue], otherwise, [mutual friend]’s story will become your story.” The implications of these words were crystal clear, and their impact more powerful than anything else I could have said.

Right so, my blog on modding a nerf gun to be a space-pirate beam weapon is over here. you might find it interesting, you might not, the only thing missing before I close it out is pics of the full costume, which hopefully will be taken in the near future.

I’m still debating my next project (or whether there will be a next project), but when I figure that out, there’ll be a post about it.

This is everything I took for the family reunion in Alabama, plus the clothes on my back, cellphone & charger. It was beautiful. Met lot of relatives, talked with cousins & aunts/ uncles, had a good time. Am now frantically working to finish a project for drawing class. (Put that way, I feel like I should be busting out the crayons)

Still haven’t located said camel hair blazer.

Frida arrived, now the shrine is complete! Or at least more so than before. Nerf project is nearing completion, wondering what to do next. Book on Japanese aesthetics and anime is quite enlightening. drawing class continues to be bleh.

Sometimes when I’m having an introspective moment, I realize I’m afraid of what would happen if I were to meet or exceed my own expectations for myself…

/end transcendental moment

Organized room a bit, almost done with a project…today felt like a really long day. Not in a boring way, time just passed slower than usual.

Second week, things are pretty good, I’m a little behind on reading, but apart from that…tan into some friends & realized they are better friends than I gave them credit for. Project 333 back on track, room still needs some organization, but everything’s on track.

Project 333 was going fine until my mom decided to “help” organize my closet, at which point it all went to shit (as seen above). Other than that, got school supplies, have to do ALL my homework tomorrow, bunch of stuff around the house, found a renter for the downstairs, and bla.

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