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Paging through art books I identified Buddhist influenced works via iconography within them, interesting that I can do that now. Parkour on Sunday for the first time in months, it was awesome. A friend called and talked for a while.

Asking myself what the place is of photo-realistic drawing in a society where a picture of anything can be captured quickly and easily.

In DC for a little while. First project drawing was well received, I think. Having fun at the print shop, trying to be in the moment, always becoming, never being.

Update: uttered what is probably the most succinct yet explicit sentence of my life today: “You should see a doctor about [chronic health issue], otherwise, [mutual friend]’s story will become your story.” The implications of these words were crystal clear, and their impact more powerful than anything else I could have said.

Right so, my blog on modding a nerf gun to be a space-pirate beam weapon is over here. you might find it interesting, you might not, the only thing missing before I close it out is pics of the full costume, which hopefully will be taken in the near future.

I’m still debating my next project (or whether there will be a next project), but when I figure that out, there’ll be a post about it.

This is everything I took for the family reunion in Alabama, plus the clothes on my back, cellphone & charger. It was beautiful. Met lot of relatives, talked with cousins & aunts/ uncles, had a good time. Am now frantically working to finish a project for drawing class. (Put that way, I feel like I should be busting out the crayons)

Still haven’t located said camel hair blazer.

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