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Reading a very interesting book on fish conservation, going to family reunion, considering the design of the interior of the townhouse, hung out with friends this weekend, need to look into the conservation degree.

R. noted that’s we are all connected to [name of school] in spite of our best efforts to rid ourselves of this link.

Katy Perry concert was AWESOME. (see photo above)

Am now understanding why people seem so busy all the time, I’ve accidentally fallen into the trap and become one of them. The worst part is I don’t know how to disentangle myself. All I want to do is get a decent about of asleep each night, apparently that’s too much to ask.

Paint crew partner is cool, courier stuff going well, went to DC with a friend to see a painting of Katy Perry as the Candy Queen, had fun.

Need sleep and me time. All considering future life decisions

I’ve always thought of myself as basically average, nothing special. In a lot of ways I am, but then I get these cues that I’m not, reminding me that average really isn’t in my dictionary. Then again, I don’t feel that anyone is truly average, maybe I’m just more aware of this than others.

No paint today, so we sat around socializing for several hours, giving me a bunch of those cues. Fun though. Tomorrow: Katy Perry!

Another paycheck, working tomorrow, hanging out with the family, helped finding a townhouse to buy, finished Scooby Doo mystery incorporated, liking forward to life. Need to sleep more.

Trying to decide what I’m actually going to study. My job did not have to be my life, I just have to keep it isolated from the rest. Everything is connected, it’s what has made it difficult to choose just one thing, because everything else is still in play, but you only focus on one narrow thing and tune out the rest. I don’t like this idea. Like I said, pick something, but it’s not my life. Then again, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.

Saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, she’s working at a sex shop, which is just like her. Finished painting an entire floor in a day, enjoying the work, watching/listening to the world cup. Pursuit of minimalism had slowed down due to lack of sleep & general laziness

Parents think I should move close to school to spend time with people my age instead of retired folk (I.e. my grandparents), camping trip was beautiful, got sunburned, but it was so nice. Still questioning what I’m doing with my life, I feel my friends are all going ahead of me while I lag behind, or maybe it’s the other way around? In any case the future is foggy as ever. I need to find a guideline & hold fast.

Above: A list I found while on the job

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