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Second day. All my teachers are cool.I was late for class, but walked in like I owned the place, maybe cause I already knew the teacher, it gave me some confidence. Realized my top 5 could be made up by my classes & job, realizing how great it was last semester to devote all my time and energy researching to ONE class as opposed to four it’s much more ideal.

Decided to take on project 333, wearing 33 items of clothes for 3 months. Granted, I only had ~75 clothing items to narrow it down from, the most difficult part was deciding what jackets to choose. I actually have 3 spots left over, so if I decide I need something after all…first day of the be semester tomorrow. Not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not.

A friend asked me to take some pics of him he could use if he were going to be in a movie or something (what?), signed on to Facebook for the first time in months, decided to not work as tech support at school, getting more things around the house straightened out, going back and re-examining the social media strategy I came up with months ago. It’s about showing you’ve accomplished something in life, not the piece of paper that says you ostensibly know something about X.

Still just meh. Chris Faust actually wrote me back when I sent him what amounted to fan mail with the pictures he inspired attached. Work is good however. I’m seeing more and more that college and the real world are intersecting bubbles, not distinct. Attempting to enter this mindset to find increased opportunities. Apologies for disjointed thoughts.

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